Single handed Transquadra in a J/99

Olivier Grassi, skipper of the J/99 Grassi Bateaux

The Transquadra 2022 will go down in history with the highlight of the second leg, which required the crews to avoid the 2 depressions, by the North. The racers faced tough and tough conditions, mostly downwind from VMG.

For Olivier Grassi, a solo skipper of Grassi Bateaux, the J/99 has proven to be particularly suitable for single-handed sailing in tough weather conditions!

The J/99 had all the potential to win! During the race, it held incredible averages over 24 hours, without my having to load the boat! I did my best performances under autopilot, small spinnaker and mainsail 1 reef, all while chaining 3 long naps of 4 hours and only waking up to check that the settings were holding up well! During this time, the boat posted averages of more than 11 knots and surfs of more than 20 knots!” says Olivier Grassi.

Indeed, the versatile hull of the J/99 allows the boat to sail better and therefore, even in a strong breeze, to compete with competitors considered to be the fastest.

The other highlight for Olivier was the protection of the cockpit of the J/99. Despite one of the smallest boat in the fleet and a substantial swell, Olivier has only very rarely been wet!

The particularity of the J/99 is that as soon as the boat leaves the planning in surfing, it will create significant sprays of water which deviate from each side of the hull but the bow will remain always above the water without the sea sweeping the deck. This is a considerable advantage that many sailors have already told us about.

Congratulations again to the 3 J/99 of the Transquadra 2022 for their very good performances: Olivier Grassi, Olivier Lunven and Alain Caudrelier!

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