J/99 JEDI scores another trifecta win

J/99 ‘Jedi’ scores another stunning trifecta win racing offshore out of Royal Prince Alfred YC near Sydney. The top mark was 8nm offshore, conditions were light 5-10knots ESE.  ‘Jedi’ was one of  two boats sailing 2-up in the combined 18 boat fleet.  ‘Jedi’ finished 1st overall combined Div 1 and 2 fleets in ORC, and 1st ORC and IRC in Div 2.  Results below where you can see the J/99 was the smallest boat by far and still beating fully crewed 40+ footers on the water.

Ray said:  ”We have now been lucky enough to experience the J/99 in many different wind and sea states. The first race in 8-15knots and lumpy seaway, second race in 15-25knots and very rough seaway, third race in light conditions and fairly flat seas.  The J/99 has performed outstandingly well in this wide range of conditions, is incredibly easy to manage and a real joy to sail.” 

J/99 JEDI about to round the top mark. Photo credit RPAYC

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