J/70, J88 and J/111 at SIBS 2015

Press Release – J/70, J88 and J/111 at 2015 Sydney Boat Show, Darling Harbour

We will be displaying the modern, hugely successful Performance Sport range from J/Boats at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show, (30July to 3Aug) to meet the demand from the many sailors who have requested to see the performance range side by side, providing a point of differentiation and a real contrast to what is normally shown at the Sydney International Boat Show – just look for the tall carbon masts!J at SIBS15

We will of course be armed with all the information on the rest of popular J/Boat range including the dual purpose Cruiser Racers J/97e, J/112e, and J/122e plus the day sailor range J/100 and J/95.

The J/88 (29ft) will be making its Australian debut, showing alongside its siblings, the giant killing 36ft J/111 and 23ft J/70.  The J/70 needs no further introduction with almost 900 boats ordered in its short life and the Australian J/70 owners enjoying  great growth and recent fun competing in National and State championships. Australian J/Boat crews have also taken advantage of the class racing available throughout the world competing in the  J/111 and J/70 World championships in Newport RI, and more recently a crew have just left Australia to compete in the second J/70 world championships in La Rochelle France – all the best of luck to them.

Come on down to the show and find out what Australians are already learning about why the International J/70 Class has been growing by leaps and bounds and is gaining strong momentum across Australia.  Also, discover why the J/111 continues to go from strength-to-strength across Australia.  Plus, get a chance to hop aboard the J/88 and be prepared for “shock & awe” as you hear about its twistedly-fast turn-of-performance as well as its ability to “getup on the step” and simply send it downhill on a plane with the big A2 kite.

To make an appointment or learn more about the show, please contact Ray Entwistle at Yachtspot on mobile-  +61-0406-562262 or email- info@yachtspot.com.au.   Or Tony Bewsher on +61 0438-389957 -e mail tony@vicsailwa.com


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