Steve and Sue J/70 YKnot

We had been thinking about a change in boat for some time – something smaller requiring less crew (tired of chasing 6-7 crew to go racing) but still providing exciting racing but still offering stability.  After seeing the J70 at the Sydney Boat Show and going for a test sail with Ray and Sandra, we were so impressed we brought forward our plans by two years and are now proud owners of a J70.

Impressions to date:

  • The boat is so much easier to set up and take out for a sail. The boat has been thoughtfully designed with no need to go forward of the mast after the first hoist of the jib.  The sails are all very manageable for two people to rig and pack up. The easier it is, the more often we will go out for a casual sail.
  • Upwind performance is good – I would think quite a bit better that the old 30 foot sports boat we are downsizing from. We raced three up in a 20 knot wind recently and were quite comfortable. My wife is not an accomplished sailor and stepped off the boat with a smile on her face (that might also have had something to do with the ride after we got around the top mark).
  • Downwind is a hoot. The boat really accelerates, gybes easily and feels very comfortable.

It is still early days and we are still learning the boat but are very happy with it.  It’s also great to have so much support material available online through the class association and sail makers. We are looking forward to seeing some more J/70s on the water and doing some one design racing.

Ray and Sandra have been fantastic keeping us informed throughout the buying process and going beyond the call of duty on multiple occasions.  They handled everything from beginning to the end when we stepped on the fully rigged and tuned boat and sailed it to the mooring. Ray and Sandra provide support well beyond the sales process, offering to come sailing with us to help get us up to speed, promoting opportunities for the Sydney and Pittwater boats to race together and generally passing on tips and tricks.

I am very pleased with the boat and the service and encouragement from J/Boats Australia.