Stephen J/112E Zest

I have just last week taken delivery of a new J/112E from Ray & Sandra at J/Boats Australia and wanted to convey what a fantastic experience it has been.

In this day of almost instant gratification – almost anything can be ordered on-line with delivery guaranteed within 1 or 2 days – it has been a wonderful journey of anticipation and experiences slowly revealed from the commencement of the process.

From the start with discussions of customisations and optional accessories Ray and Sandra and the J/Boats factory have been fully supportive in fully explaining and costing the alternatives.

After the decision to go ahead there was the excitement of looking at local accessories – instrumentation and sail wardrobe.

J/Boats Australia understood the passions this aroused and fully participated in allowing me to be immersed in the experience.

But then the adventure continued with regular updates and photographs of the boat in production followed by schedules of shipping from the factory and access to tracking of it’s shipment to Australia.

J/Boats Australia took care of all the importation requirements and arranging compliance with local regulations and certifications so that I did not have to be concerned with any of it.

Upon arrival in Australia Ray and Sandra went into overdrive to arrange the commissioning of the boat with local trades people that they trusted and had worked with for years.

The attention to detail was fantastic with J/Boats Australia expecting nothing less than perfection in the commissioning process and overseeing and inspecting all the tradesmen’s work.

What was most exciting for me was that Ray and Sandra went out of their way to allow me to be immersed in that commissioning process.

I regularly participated in all aspects such as assembly of hull, keel and rudder, antifouling, mast rigging and insertion in the boat, launching, followed by rigging, engine testing and certification and finally sail delivery and testing.

This really added to the excitement and anticipation of getting a new boat.

Then there has been the delivery to the boat’s new home. Despite experiencing light airs it was easy to see the stellar performance of the package that J/Boats and J/Boats Australia has put together for me.

Beating in 3 knots of wind with 4 knots of boat speed and then touching 8 knots upwind in 10 knots of breeze! This is a very slippery and fast boat.

Finally I want to say that based on the support from Ray and Sandra over the last 6 months and in particular over the commissioning period and post delivery – they are always available 24/7 to take my phone calls, answer questions, give advice on performance etc – I will have a very enjoyable ownership of this boat with fantastic back-up support and service from them should I need it.

I can strongly recommend the J/Boats Australia and the J/Boats team to any future prospective boat owner.