Sandy J/97E Manana

J/Boats have a unique place in the world of production yachts and you could say the same about J/Boats Australia .  Ray and Sandra are completely dedicated to Js, as professionals and as sailors. They know the boats inside out, how to maintain them and how to get the most out of them on the water.

The first J that I bought from them was a J/80 and I’ve recently moved up to a new J/97e. Ray and Sandra managed the whole commissioning process and made sure every detail was looked after. They were always available with help and advice after the boat was handed over and patiently answered my 2,000 questions.

The 97e is a beautiful yacht and only J/Boats could have combined so much cockpit and interior space into a 31.5 footer without compromising the looks and sailing performance.

– SANDY – J/97e  ‘MANANA’