Ray & Jill J/70 Junior

What we wanted…

Our priorities were to have a sports boat which had the sailing characteristics of a yacht, not an oversized dinghy. We wanted to be able to store her on the hardstand, be easily trailerable, and be crewed by 3 or 4. And, be fun to sail.

Why we bought the J70…

It answered YES to all our requirements and it represents very good value for money. The build quality and finish is 1st class, and the thought that has gone into the layout, sails and one design rules means it is easy to set up and sail, and it will be relatively inexpensive to maintain and be competitive.

The opportunity to race one design or within rated (ie not arbitrary PHS) sports boat fleets is another attraction.

Our impressions…

J Boats have sold over 350 of this new design in the 1st year, so there are lots of people voting with their wallets, as did we. We are very happy with our decision and are enjoying learning how to sail her.

We entered the ASBA NSW titles after having her for about 3 weeks, and the worst we placed in any race was 5th out of a division of 10 sports boats. With more experience we could easily have been 1st or 2nd, so the design has the potential to be very competitive.

We have had great support and encouragement from J/Boats Australia , and will happily recommend the J70 to anyone who wants a fast, stable, easy to handle yacht with a great pedigree.

Ray & Jill – Junior