J/111 Playlist

In relation to our recent Purchase of the J/111 from J/Boats Australia

Ray and Sandra,

Glenn, John and myself would like to sincerely thank you and your team for the friendly but professional manner in which you conducted yourselves in dealing with our purchase of the J/111.

We have had our eyes on the J/111 since 2013 and when the opportunity arose to purchase a pre-loved J/111, we were very excited to be able to join the club. This brings the J/111 tally at Sandringham Yacht Club to three with another two on the way later this year. It is our belief that the J/111 number will increase at Sandringham to the point that we can consistently race one design in the Port Philip Bay.

The J was delivered in perfect condition and all gear and part were bubble wrapped and stowed perfectly for transportation. Once the boat arrived it only took us about 5 hours to have it all back together and gently tucked away in her pen.

I would also add that we have appreciated all the tips we have received from Ray on the J/111. We are looking forward to a growing fleet at Sandringham and throughout Australia and hope to see Australian J/111 titles in the near future.

Best Regards