J/99 Test in Rough Conditions…..Tick!

At J/Composites, when we launch a new model, it is important to us to test it in all conditions. Whether in lovely seas or in very rough weather, we always test each of our units, with small crew, in order to check performance, stability, maneuverability and general behavior at sea.

10 days ago, we took advantage of storm Alex to sail aboard J/99 in heavy seas (3 / 3m50 swell) with a very strong wind (25-30 knots), all with a reduced crew, at 2!

Downwind or upwind, the J/99 has proven its capabilities and performance in rough weather. Its maneuverability and behavior at sea gave to the crew maximum pleasure and sensation, in complete safety!

For all racer lovers, come and appreciate the planing capabilities of the J/99, a real racer!

Click the image for the awesome video footage.

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