J/99 Django – ORC win in their first race!

Just launched and already winner!

Within a week of being launched, J/99 Django won the 51nm XLIX Diana de Oro 20, in Spain 💪 on ORC.

Some 16 boats took the start in Dénia with a north wind of 12 knots, which increased to over 20 knots in the first part of the regatta. J/99 Django was racing in Div 3, however despite it being one of the smallest boats in the combined fleet they had the 4th fastest elapsed time overall and beat all boats in every division on ORCi.

The route was about 51 nautical miles from Dénia to the rock of the Moor in Cullera and back. The wind was blowing north to northeast and easing in the afternoon.

Great result for the crew against some much larger competition.

J99 Django just launched and winning!
Great ORC result for J/99 Django

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