Virtual Regatta and the J/70

J Boats and J Composites have engaged a partnership with Virtual Regatta to integrate the J/70 into the platform’s Inshore game. With more than 300,000 worldwide players, Virtual Regatta is the undisputed leader in e-sailing. It was natural that the J/70 would exist in the game, being the market leader one-design with more than 1600 units produced in less than 8 years. See for more information.

Fred Bouvier, sales manager of J Composites: “Beyond the visibility that Virtual Regatta brings us, the interest has also been to offer to our owners an activity as close to reality as possible during this difficult period which has just taken place. This has been reinforced over the months with dedicated J/70 events in many countries organized by clubs, national federations and national J/70 classes. The J/70 World Championship, scheduled in California in September and which unfortunately had to be canceled for the reasons we know, can therefore still organised in virtual. We are of course planning a VIP status for owners and their team members. The owners are getting caught up in the game. Also, the success of this model has made it possible to organise regattas with 40 sailing boats which transcribe in a “bluffing” way the tactics and strategies to be adopted during fleet regattas.”

Philippe Guigné, founder of Virtual Regatta: “I have been sailing on J for 15 years in J/80 and now in J/70. This is a yard that I greatly appreciate for the intelligence of its sailboats, the perfect construction of the boats and its ability to bring together a beautiful fleet. I am very happy to have integrated the J/70 as a reference in our Inshore game. The J/70 is the small one-design most used in the world in regattas while on our side we are the undisputed world leaders in the e-sailing market. The J/70 is regularly chosen by our users. Virtual Regatta is almost a victim of its current success with no less than 200,000 unique visitors in May. The confinement period accelerated our development, but we felt a real craze before the health crisis. Finally, even great regatta enthusiasts like me don’t sail much during the year. Our game is a good way to brush up on board J/70 by being as close as possible to reality. ”

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