J/99 First Impressions

We’re looking forward to enjoying more short-handed and fully crewed sailing in the new J/99. Our first trial sails have been awesome – the J/99 is so very easy to sail, super responsive, light sheet loadings, lots of adjustment, and very stiff. The single rudder has great grip with a light and balanced feel. There is an option for twin rudders however I prefer the standard single rudder and it doesn’t disappoint.

Other features are the ability to lead all controls to the helm position including the jib/zero/spinnaker sheet. She has a comfortable and ergonomic cockpit, all fittings are in the right position allowing for easy and quick adjustment. The interior is light and comfortable and can effortlessly be adapted from racing mode to family weekender.

The alloy mast is a new custom extrusion from AG+ Spars. Specifically designed for the J/99 to have more stiffness than off the shelf extrusions, it is very responsive to backstay adjustment and stands up very well supported by Dyform rigging. Neat details include that fact that as part of the extrusion there is combination mainsail luff track that will handle either a bolt rope or Antal 40 slides. Mast cables exit above deck which allows for a 100% waterproof internal dam to be installed.  The J/99 is Cat A and World Sailing OSR Plan Review Approved straight out of the box, and has won three major awards being the British Yachting Award, SAIL Best Boats and Sailing World Boat of the Year.

The race results are truly impressive particularly against other yachts in this category. It does appear that the J/99 is carving a reputation for not only being a very fast, competitive, easy to sail short handed racer but has also mastered the dual purpose capability too.

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