J/122 JOSS wins 100nm West Coaster

J/122 ‘Joss’ from Perth Western Australia is starting the new season the way they finished the last – winning!  Last weekends race was 100nm West Coaster Ocean Race from Fremantle to Yanchep and return race hosted by Fremantle Sailing Club (FSC).  100nm doesn’t sound too bad unless the winds are forecast to be very light.  And very light they were, so the race took 23hrs and 55mins which meant the focus was on endurance, concentration and keeping the boat moving.

Owner Ian Clyne commented “Joss had a long, at times frustrating but very rewarding FSC West Coaster Ocean Race.  There was huge holes along the route so the focus was to just keep moving. The J/122 keeps going even in 5 knots of wind so we knew we were in with a chance, and were very happy with the result.  Knowing the forecast was for light winds we were conscious of crew weight and kept the sail wardrobe to a minimum.  The A1.5 kite is just a brilliant sail as well as the Code Zero.”

The race started in North Fremantle and headed due west to pass to the south side of Rottnest Island. Then headed north to round a virtual turn mark at Yanchep, then a zig zag SE, North, SE back to Fremantle.

On the final leg there was zero wind along the beaches and zero wind off Rottnest Island but a small line of breeze in the centre, so the crew took full advantage and tacked back and forth to keep within the narrow breeze band.  Joss finished a clear 37minutes ahead of the competition on IRC.

Joss is currently leading the Blue Water season pointscore – best of luck for your future races and congratulations on winning the FSC West Coaster.

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