J/111 Inaugural National Championships-Wrap up

The inaugural J/111 National Championships were held this weekend at Sandringham Yacht Club, as part of the Australian Yachting Championships. Congratulations to all the crews at a great event.

Rod Warren from ‘Joust’ commented: “Yesterday was good, we had four windward leewards and this is the first time we have had the six Js all together which is terrific,”   “We had four wins yesterday and the other boats were really close which is what we are looking for in this class. We are hoping to build a one design class that a lot of other boats will migrate to and I think there is a lot of excitement seeing the boats so close.”

Matt Powell from “Playlist” commented that they had a great time. They are new to the J/111 and didn’t expect to be up with the leaders and enjoy such close racing.

J/111 Jake at National Championships. Sandringham. Photo Credit: Alex McKinnon
J/111 Scarlet Runner hot on the heels of Joust. Photo Credit: Alex McKinnon

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