J/97 ‘Knockabout’ Takes Gold in Sydney Super 30s


The J/97 KNOCKABOUT has been racing in the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club’s Super 30 Gold Cup fleet.  After sailing all season long, the KNOCKABOUT team managed to capitalise on their good start to the season to win both the PHS and AMS pointscores for the 2012-3 season!  Here’s a report from the owner:J97

“As one might expect, the PHS pointscore got more challenging as time went by, and our handicap tightened. A horror third last race, due to a last minute loss of key crew on a 20-25 knot day (setting extras would have been just careless), saw us slip to second place. Fortunately, this was followed by a glamour penultimate race, which gave us a win and put us back into the lead. We still had to give a good performance in the last race but it ended up as a bit of an anticlimax as the wind glassed-out and the race was abandoned, handing us the Gold Medal.

The AMS (Australian Measurement System) pointscore was less nail-biting. We had that secured after the penultimate race! An excellent showing of how the J/97 performs under measurement based handicapping. With a scoring consisting of 4x 1st, 3x 2nds, 3x 3rds and 2x 4ths the J/97 has certainly proved a very serious candidate in this hot shot super 30 fleet. The big difference is with the J/97 we can now go family cruising in luxury! None of our competitors can even come close to claiming that capability!

All in all a good reason to attend this year’s prizegiving. Not bad for a crew with average age hovering around 6 decades!”

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